Do you have a passion for creating captivating art? An exceptional opportunity awaits you! We invite talented exhibitors like you to take centre stage at our vibrant Live Art Theatre. Imagine captivating a live audience with your creative process, engaging with visitors on a personal level, and showcasing your artistic finesse in a dynamic setting.

In the spotlight, you'll be granted an exclusive hour-long slot to dazzle the crowd with your craft. We embrace diversity and encourage a wide range of subjects for your demonstration – the stage is yours to illuminate with your unique artistic vision.

The Live Art Theatre is located right next to the food hall. This prime locale guarantees a steady stream of foot traffic. Notably, our esteemed sponsors, Loxley, generously provide top-notch painting supplies and a professional easel for your use. Feel free to infuse your personal touch by employing your preferred materials. 

Elevate your brand by seizing the opportunity to adorn the space with your own flyers, business cards, or banners – a canvas for you to express your unique identity.

Concerned about your exhibit while you're in the limelight? Rest assured, our dedicated staff can cover your stand, allowing you to focus wholeheartedly on wowing the audience with your artistic prowess. Brace yourself for an extensive promotional campaign across our social media platforms, engaging emails, and comprehensive show guides – ensuring your talent is showcased to a captivated audience.

Here's the cherry on top: participation is absolutely complimentary! However, with only a limited number of 6 exclusive slots available for each fair, prompt action is key. Secure your place among the trailblazers of our Live Art Theatre and relish a special discount on your stand price as a token of our appreciation. Remember, it's a race against time – first come, first served.

Mark your calendars for the available slots
25th November: 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm, 3pm-4pm
26th November: 11am-12pm, 3pm-4pm

Don't let this chance slip through your fingers!

Email us now to secure your spotlight: